Astronomical society Javornik

Astronomical Society Javornik (Astronomsko društvo Javornik) grew from an astronomical section that operated as a part of the Natural Sciences Society, established in 1952. In 1979 we seceded from the Natural Sciences Society and became an independent entity that united amateurs and professionals, teachers, business people, engineers, historians and any kind of other professions and students of all ages that shared a passion for stars.

To be able to enjoy everything the sky has to offer, we took on a daunting and very un-astronomical task of building an observatory on our own. During the 1980s the astronomers volunteered thousands of hours to construct a house and two cupolas.

In the past we have organized many Astronomical Summer Camps which to date hosted around 500 participants. In 1985 and 1990 we organized International Astronomical Youth Camps (IAYC) with around 150 participants from 15 countries.

Today we organize summer youth camps, and at the same time conduct observations that rendered some internationally published articles, organize public observations of interesting phenomena, collaborate with school astronomical projects and provide opportunities for astronomers from Central Slovenia to meet and share.

We hold weekly meetings? in a rented room in Ljubljana and monthly lectures open to public at the Faculty of Physics. The monthly newsletter informs the members of all the important and interesting events of the period.

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