Meeting of astronomical associations from the Alpe-Adria region

Mihaela Triglav, AD Javornik

Astronomers from regions Alpe Adria had gathered in the nice summer weather on Sunday 4.6. 2000 in Primary School in Črni Vrh nad Idrijo on meeting of astronomical associations. Around 70 astronomers from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia talked all day about projects of theirs astronomical associations.

This meeting of astronomical associations from regions Alpe Adria has a history of teen years, but this year the meeting was for the first time organised in Slovenia.

The meeting has lasted the whole day. It was opened with short speeches of sponsors and organisers, than the lectures of twelve astronomical associations and professional astronomers from AO Črni Vrh began. After lectures we took a visit to Herman Mikuž observatory in Črni Vrh. Formaly we ended the meeting with dinner in hostel Metka in Črni Vrh. After that, the most eagered participants visited the Javornik observatory.

Short descriptions of lectures can be found on AFAM home page and has been prepared by Paolo Corelli the leader of Alpe Adria meetings.

For all who are interested in similar astronomical gatherings, the next Alpe Adria meeting will be prepared by members of Talmassons AA or Trieste CCAT AA in Italy in this autumn. You can find information about next Alpe Adria meetings in greater deal on theirs home pages.

This meeting was made possible by:

  • Občina Idrija,
  • Tehnooptika Smolnikar,
  • Konta Trade,
  • Opoj - Grabnar Robert s.p.,
  • Spika - slovenska revija za astronomijo,
  • Observatorij Črni Vrh,
  • gostišče Metka v Črnem Vrhu.

I would like to thank to Herman Mikuž, Bojan Dintinjana and Jure Skvarč for presentation of the work on observatory in Črni Vrh. On the end I would like to thank to the Furio Pieri for the simultaneous translations from Italian language to Slovenian.

Participating astronomical associations:

A group picture of participants in front of Primary School Črni Vrh.

Visit of observatory of Hermana Mikuž; in Črni Vrh.